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Swansea Bay Radio is now broadcast at the lower bitrate that Radio 3 is broadcast
Swansea Bay Radio is now broadcast at the lower bitrate that BBC Radio 3 uses

Radio Carmarthenshire, Pembrokeshire and Swansea Bay Radio up bitrate to higher quality stereo

Tuesday, 14th March 2017

Radio Pembrokeshire, Radio Carmarthenshire and Swansea Bay Radio have all upped their bitrate on the Mid and West Wales DAB digital radio bundle.

  • All three stations are now broadcasting in stereo at 160Kbps on DAB digital radio, which is the same bitrate as classical station BBC Radio 3 when extra services are being broadcast on the BBC national DAB bundle.

  • the three stations share programming, but run separate news bulletins and different adverts across each

  • if the three stations rebranded as one, they could theoretically broadcast at 256Kbps in discrete stereo on the multiplex, using less bandwidth than the separate stations currently use

  • older DAB radios such as the original Pure Evoke cannot decode bitrates above 192Kbps; this is the usual bitrate that BBC Radio 3 is broadcast at

  • the Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire and Swansea Bay stations previously broadcast at a bitrate of 128Kbps in joint stereo on DAB

  • all three stations are also available from the Kilvey Hill transmitter in Swansea as well as Carmel, Preseli, Greenhill and Fishguard - with Carmarthen going live in March 2017

  • the bundle's operator, Muxco, recently made an application to extend the licensed area of its Mid and West Wales DAB multiplex to include Swansea

  • the bundle of stations can be found on Channel (block) 12A

  • although Channel (block) 10C was reserved to cover Ceredigion and Powys when the licence was awarded, it is not used to broadcast services

  • despite the bundle being referred to as the Mid and West Wales multiplex, there aren't any transmitters in Powys, as due to the terrain and geography, Powys is too difficult to provide reliable DAB digital radio coverage for

Swansea Bay Radio screengrab from Pure One Flow
Screengrab of Swansea Bay Radio multiplex information from Pure One Flow

What if I don't have a DAB radio but I want to listen to these stations?
Take a look at our DAB Buyers' Guide and make sure the radio you choose has a 'digital tick' and/or the DAB and DAB+ logos on the box or in the description. Buying online? If a DAB receiver also receives DAB+ stations, this will be stated in the online description, or the digital radio 'tick' logo will be shown alongside or below the pictures of the receiver, on the product's webpage. This will ensure you've a futureproofed radio capable of picking up all DAB stations.

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