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Sound and Vision - The Bristol Show 2009 logo

First look: Vita Audio R2i with iPod dock

The popularity of the iPod has seen an exponential increase in the number of identikit docks, micros and speaker systems catering for the music player, so it's a relief to see something a little more refined and unique at the show.

The R2i marks the next logical step for the designers at Vita Audio. Featuring DAB and FM, the R2i takes the best bits of the R2 and adds iPod connectivity and a larger, clearer display.

The R2i, looking stunning even in its pre pre-production form, is bound to raise heads when released this summer. With Vita's trademark RotoDial remote control that sits neatly in the top of the cabinet, solid metal fascia and ported enclosure, the R2i will doubtless put in a performance as good as the R2.

The retail price of the R2i is around GBP 299.00and you can find out where to buy the Vita R2i online.

Vita Audio R2i

Vita Audio R2i: first look at a sample of the pre pre-production model. Don't forget, if you see this image on any other site it will have been nicked from here!

News shorts: Vita Audio R1 Classic and R1 Evolution

If that's not enough to whet your appetite, how about an R1 Classic - successor to the R1? In keeping with the understated, minimalist look, the R1 Classic banishes the headphone and MP3 player input sockets of the R1 to the rear panel and adds a larger, clearer screen. Like the R1, the newer model will cater for both DAB and FM listeners.

An even more exiciting prospect, the R1 Evolution packs internet radio into the same footprint as an R1 and will be available in a black or white gloss lacquer finish with a matt speaker grille. The Evolution is expected to hit shelves in July with a price tag of around GBP 219.00.

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