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Vita R1 DAB/FM radio

Vitaaudio R1 DAB/FM radio review

The Vita R1 is dressed to impress and is incredibly well built, featuring a solid metal front fascia with a satin finish.

Built and designed by a team from high-end audio equipment manufacturer Ruark, the Vitaaudio R1 DAB radio is available now.

The Vitaaudio R1 oozes quality, with its simple yet classy styling. The casing of the radio comes in a variety of finishes - cherrywood or walnut veneer, or grey or red lacquer finish.
Vita R1 DAB/FM radio
Vita R1 DAB/FM tabletop radio

The radio's downward-firing port ensures a warm, pleasing sound that sounds equally as good with speech and music stations.

Equipped with front-mounted stereo headphone and line input sockets (the latter for MP3 player connection for playback through the radio), the R1 looks very understated. The simple "rotodial" system, consisting of preset, alarm, station selection and timer buttons around a main control (which at the moment simply controls the volume) gives the radio a minimalist, uncluttered appearance.

Around the back, gold plated stereo phono outputs mean you can use the Vita R1 as a dedicated tuner with a hi-fi system. There's a tiny autotune button for seeking out DAB multiplexes and it's here you'll also find a port for adding an extra speaker for stereo sound.

Changing stations is very intuitive buttons labelled up/down and OK. Setting and changing alarm and timer settings involves short or long presses of the dedicated buttons. Ten favourite stations can be committed to memory simply by holding the numbered buttons in for a short time.
Vitaaudio R1 rotodial
Vita R1 radio rotodial

In summary, the R1 is an appealing, high quality DAB/FM radio that would look equally as fine on a desk or bedside table.
Vita R1 DAB radios
Vitaaudio Vita R1 radio

Find out where to buy the Vitaaudio R1 DAB/FM radio online.

For: Fantastic build quality, alarm functions
Against: upgrades appear to require returning the radio back to the factory as there is no USB port
Verdict: A sonic wonder at a price that compares favourably to other similar high-end tabletop radios
Price: from GBP160.00

Find out where to buy the Vitaaudio R1 DAB/FM radio online.


Vitaaudio R1 DAB radio

Vita R1 DAB/FM radio Tech Spec

DAB, FM Radio with RDS

Switchable Front Line Input for MP3 and other Audio Devices

Front Mounted Headphone Output

3.5 inch custom high-fidelity drive unit

7W Nominal Power Output

Easy to use Clock and Alarm Functions

10 Station Presets

Intuitive RotoDial User Interface with soft illumination

Gold Plated Phono Outputs on Rear

Weight: 2kg

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Find out where to buy the Vitaaudio R1 DAB/FM radio online.

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Vita R1 radio - rear view
Vita R1 DAB/FM tabletop radio - rear view
Vita R1 DAB radio - front view
Vita R1 DAB/FM tabletop radio - front view