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Monday, 7th September 2009
Sony caters for iPod users with new range of lifestyle DAB micros

Sony has added two new models to its small portfolio of DAB-enabled micro systems. The Sony CMT-LX40i DAB micro system, now available, and Sony CMT-Z100DIR are both equipped with integrated iPod docks.

The CMT-Z100DIR space-saving lifestyle system is designed to reside on a bookshelf or can be wall-hung. In addition to the dock, the Sony CMT-Z100DIR features playback of music files from a USB memory stick.sony_cmt-z100dir_news.jpg - 53606 Bytes

Sony CMT-Z100DIR with iPod dock

The Sony CMT-LX40i DAB micro system's 10 Watt power output makes it ideal for the bedroom or kitchen. It too has a built-in iPod dock and presets for up to 50 stations across DAB, FM and AM. A handy remote is included.Sony CMT-LX40i DAB micro system

Sony CMT-LX40i DAB micro lifestyle system


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