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Amazon stock the Sony XDR-S40 in white, black or red.

Sony XDR-S40 DAB/DAB+ radio offers digital radio futureproofing

This compact Sony DAB receiver has been available for a while, and it's little wonder why it is so popular. Firstly, Sony is a reliable brand, manufaturing everything from AV equipment to Bluray players. Secondly, this XDR-S40 DAB radio is both compact and inexpensive, but also runs on batteries or mains power for use out and about.
Sony-xdr-s40dpb DAB and DAB+ portable radio receiver review
Sony XDR-S40DPB - hands-on review & photos

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The XDRS40 DAB also fits in a headphone jack and stores up to 20 favourite stations in memory. There's an FM tuner on-hand, should you need to switch to analogue radio, and the Sony has a clear array of controls to access stations and menu options. A telescopic aerial and sensitive tuner help pull in as many stations as possible on DAB and FM.

You can always use the headphone socket to connect the radio to a bigger hi-fi system or speaker dock with an audio-in socket.

Alas, there's no alarm (you might want to check out the similarly-priced August MB400 if you're missing such a feature), but pop in four AA rechargeables and you can take this Sony DAB radio out and about.

The 'S40 radio is available now at under £45 - check the left-hand column to find out where to get one, in red, white or black.

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