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Sony CMT-FX350i iPod-enabled DAB micro system

Saturday, 24th July 2010
Sony DAB CMTFX350i DAB micro system featuring iPod dock

Got an iPod? This Sony CMT-FX350i DAB micro may be right up your street, with its DAB and FM tuner and integrated iPod dock.

With a slightly modest 5 Watts per channel, the CMTFX350i's CD player handles user-created CD-Recordable, CD-ReWriteable, 8cm discs and - if you want - even standard audio CDs!

iPod users will automatically go for the integrated dock, but owners of other MP3 players needn't feel left out as a supplied 3.5mm audio cable hooks your non-iPod MP3 player up to the system; 40 station memories cater for even the most ardent radio listener when you're tired of your own playlists.

Listeners can choose from a wide range of DAB digital radio stations, such as unsigned bands station Amazing Radio, through to the BBC's World Service.

Chuck in a CD into the top-loading tray or listen to your own music stored on your MP3 player using the 3.5mm audio in jack located on the front of the unit, or through the built-in iPod dock. The Sony CMT-FX350i's simple looks belie a sensible range of features for the price, with an oh-so-useful remote control, ensuring repeat journeys to change stations on the CMTFX350i are not necessary.

The Sony CMT-FX350i DAB micro system is available to buy now on the highstreet for around GBP 150, however, save yourself the hassle of looking around for savings by buying it online for a lot less.
Sony cmt fx 350 DAB micro system
Sony CMT FX350i DAB micro system with iPod dock, also featuring CD player, line-in and FM tuner


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