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Sony CMT-BX77DBI iPod-enabled DAB micro system

Saturday, 24th July 2010
Sony CMT-BX77DBI DAB micro system featuring iPod dock

Packing a punch with 2 x 25 Watts RMS power output, the Sony CMT-BX77DBI DAB micro builds on the success of the company's iPod-docked BX70DBI model from a couple of years ago.

When you're fed up of listening to your iPod through the Sony CMTBX77DBI, choose from a stack of DAB digital radio stations, or tune in to your favourite community station on FM. Mediumwave is absent, but Absolute Radio Extra and 5 Live are on DAB anyway, to cater for your footy needs.

The CMT-BX77DBI's front-loading CD player handles user-burnt CD-Recordable, CD-ReWriteable and standard audio CDs.

Adjustable bass and treble is on hand to trim the unit's sound, while station memories and a handy remote make radio listening a cinch.

Radio listeners can choose from a wide range of DAB digital radio stations on the Sony CMT-BX77DBI, from 5 Live Sports Extra for additional sports coverage to Absolute 80s, a radio station playing nothing but pop and rock from the eighties.

Pop in a CD into the motorised tray or listen to your own music stored on your MP3 player using the 3.5mm audio in jack located on the front of the unit, or through the built-in iPod dock, located on the top of the unit. The Sony CMT-BX77DBI is ideal as a main music system, covering a multitude of bases thanks to its comprehensive features and understated looks.

The Sony CMT-BX77-DBI DAB micro system is available to buy now on the highstreet for around GBP 150, however, save yourself at least twenty quid by finding it online.
sony-cmt-bx-77-dbi.jpg - 85566 Bytes
Sony CMT BX77DBI DAB micro system with iPod dock, also featuring CD player, line-in socket and FM tuner


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