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Sunday, 3rd July 2011
Sony G-series goes all wi-fi techy and retro at the same time

Sony's G series DAB micro systems may look rather unassuming, but the top-of-the-range units pack wi-fi internet radio and music streaming from your PC to keep you hooked.

Sony's carrying the torch for terrestrial digital radio, with a DAB tuner a useful addition alongside FM/AM (MW) radio and RDS station naming and RadioText.

The micro's fascia denotes the presence of both DAB and DAB+, suggesting the systems will be sold across Europe where different DAB standards are in operation. Paranoid UK listeners can also afford themselves some futureproofing by buying the Sony, in case the UK should ever adopt the DAB+ standard (note: it won't, can you imagine the landfill of existing radios?).

Whilst there isn't a dedicated iPod dock (Apple iPhones and iPods are connected by way of the USB), the CMT-G2BNiP and CMT-G2NiP can be controlled remotely using an iPhone app, or via the unit's supplied remote control.

Sony think simplicity is the key here, so have designed the G series to hark back to the age of analogue amps and receivers. Brushed aluminium, turned control knobs and rounded-off corners carry the retro theme. The speakers, though wrapped in a mirrored piano black finish, have yellow cones.

The entry-level CMT-G1BiP dispenses with wi-fi, but does include USB playback and 2 x 30 Watts RMS - more than enough power for most living rooms.

The Sony CMT-G1BiP is available now at around £350, with the CMT-G2BNiP and CMT-G1iP DAB micro systems shipping online shortly (prices to be confirmed). You should still be able to pick up other Sony DAB-enabled micros with iPod docks for around £100, if your budget is somewhat tighter.
Sony CMT-G1BiP DAB micro system
Sony CMT-G1BiP DAB micro system featuring FM/AM tuner and iPod/iPhone connectivity


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