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Sunday, 17th July 2011
Sony's off-the-wall design for CMT-CX5 wall-mounted CD/pod/DABer

Clearly, Sony has modern living standards in mind with the design of its CMT-CX5 DAB+ enabled hi-fi system.

If your apartment lacks a bookshelf or cabinet on which to sit this Sony CD/DAB combo, the system can also be wall-mounted, with the option to space the speaker modules away from the centre unit.

The DAB+ tuner is compatible with the UK's DAB standard but, for example, you could also emigrate to Australia, grab yourself a travel adaptor and find the Sony will perfectly well there, too, with stations on the opposite side of the world (and many on the continent) broadcast using the more efficient DAB+ standard.

An FM tuner features RDS station naming. The CMT-CX5 replaces the straight lines of 2009's Sony CMT-Z100DIR.

The built-in iPhone and iPod dock, CD player, USB stick playback and audio in sockets means there's plenty of connectivity options.

With 2 x 20 Watts RMS on tap, the Sony is big enough to deliver modest listening levels in the bedroom and lounge.

The Sony CMT-CX5 comes hot on the heels of Sony's G series DAB micros, recently announced.

The Sony CMT-CX5 is available in a crowd-pleasing eye-catching white or black finish online right now at under £220.
sony CMT-CX5 DAB lifestyle system
Sony CMT-CX5 BiP (built for iPhone/iPod) DAB lifestyle system featuring DAB+ & FM tuner, CD player and iPod/iPhone connectivity


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