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The Roth Audio KRadio is a fully functional internet, DAB and FM radio receiver with an iPod/iPhone dock and twin speakers for stereo sound.

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You can get the Roth Audio KRadio from Amazon.

Kicking K-Radio from Roth Audio packs DAB, FM and web radio in a small form

Roth Audio's compact radio receiver packs in DAB, FM and internet radio, but there's room for two upward-firing speakers, making the most of stereo broadcasts and your music collection on your iPod or iPhone.

There are 20 presets, split between 10 DAB and 10 FM stations, with unlimited internet station favourites. The Frontier Silicon portal keeps the streaming links updated for the K-Radio and stores your favourite web stations.

The unit sports both wireless wi-fi and ethernet LAN connections (the latter allowing a direct cable connection to your router, if located nearby).

The KRadio measures in at a neat 280mm wide x 120mm deep x 127mm high. Its telescopic aerial takes care of receiving DAB and FM radio stations, with the name of the station tuned to and scrolling text information shown on the large white-on-blue display.

An alarm clock is built-in, which wakes you to tunes stored on your iPod/iPhone or to the radio station of your choice. Those who favour other brands of mp3 player can hook up their device to the Roth Audio KRadio using a 3.5mm audio cable.

It's the nifty remote control, though, that's the KRadio's big selling point. From your armchair or bed, you can set the alarm, change tracks or flick through stations: in fact, all functions are accessible from the credit-card sized zapper.

At 2 x 5 Watts, the KRadio won't produce a big enough sound to shake the rafters, but the dock's compact size and extensive list of features more than make up for it.

The Roth Audio KRadio is available now at around £150, making it a serious contender for a quality receiver dock that won't break the bank.

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Roth Audio KRadio internet radio with DAB + FM
Roth Audio KRadio remote and controls/buttons
Roth Audio iPod and iPhone dock
KRadio screen

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