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Monday, 7th September 2009
Roberts Streamtime brings compact wi-fi internet radio to the bedroom

Fancy waking up to Triple J from Down Under? Well, now you can with the Roberts Radio Streamtime wifi internet radio.

The wifi alarm clock is fully compatible with the BBC's listen again service, but if you want to search out stations from around the world you should have no trouble doing so on the Roberts Streamtime, thanks to access to tens of thousands of internet radio streams at your fingertips. You can wake up to a choice of FM radio, a buzzer or internet radio.
roberts stream time wifi internet radio

The Roberts Streamtime will happily work with a wired connection or through your wireless broadband, supporting MP3, WMA, Real, AAC, WAV, AIFF and FLAC file formats. There's a multi-stage display dimmer, sleep/snooze timers and dual alarms and - in case of 40 winks - a nap timer.

Weiging in at 583 grams and measuring a dinky 194mm(w) x 80mm(h) x 182mm(d), the Roberts Streamtime is available to buy now, at around GBP120.00.

roberts streamtime wifib internet radio
roberts streamtime fascia

Roberts Streamtime wifi internet radio with FM


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