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Monday, 23rd November 2009
Roberts Stream 83i overflows with DAB, FM and wi-fi connectivity

Multi-platform radios are fast becoming the norm, with the Roberts Radio Stream 83i the latest in a batch of radios to cater for DAB, internet and good old FM radio listening.

As well as letting you listen to podcasts online, the Stream 83i connects to for custom playlists and scrobbling.

Although the styling of the 83i may look a little lacklustre and a tad too retro for our liking, the radio is kitted out with a subwoofer and further two-way drive units, proving that the proof is in a sound pudding. The BBC's listen again feature is available, which together with a sleep function, enables you to drift off to sleep while catching up with programmes from the beeb.

Handy dual alarm settings with a snooze feature (15 minutes to 2 hours power off time) are available and wired or wireless connection options will suit those who, erm, have a hard-wired or wireless router. The alarm volume increases slowly to a preset level.

The best bit, though, is there's no need to hang around for months waiting for the radio to appear, as it's already available now online at under GBP 150.00.
Roberts Stream 83i
Roberts Stream 83i wifi internet radio with DAB digital tuner and FM

The Roberts Stream 83i supports MP3, WMA, Real, ACC and FLAC file formats.

Weiging in at a sturdy 1.8kg and measuring 248mm(w) x 210mm(h) x 135mm(d), the Roberts Stream 83i is available to buy now, at around GBP150.00.

Roberts Stream 83i
Roberts Stream 83i wifi internet radio with DAB digital tuner and FM


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