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Roberts Sound 66 tabletop DAB/FM/iPod dock system

Monday, 6th September 2010
Roberts Sound 66 music system with iPod dock and DAB digital tuner

Size could be everything, if Roberts' latest Sound 66 tabletop system has its way. The new iPod-docking, DAB-enabled radio - available now - is barely wider than three iPod Touches sitting end to end, but sports an acoustically-tuned cabinet to improve bass levels and separate bass and treble controls to tweak the sound.

The Roberts Sound 66 dual alarm function allows you to wake up to a buzzer, DAB/FM radio or to iPod tracks just once or daily, or at different times on weekdays or weekends. There's a handy sleep timer as well as headphone socket, remote control for armchair operation and line-out socket for connection to your main hi-fi system. The display is dimmable for use in the bedroom.

Available in a black ash finish, the Roberts Sound 66 is available now at around GBP 150.
Roberts Sound 66 iPod dock with DAB/FM radio

Roberts Sound 66 featuring DAB/FM tuner, iPod dock and multi-mode alarms


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