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Monday, 7th September 2009
Roberts takes radio back to basics with Elise, unoLogic and duoLogic

Roberts' latest models for Autumn offer an eco-friendly way of tuning into DAB radio.

The Roberts unoLogic and duoLogic DAB/FM models both feature a built-in charging circuit within the radio capable of charging standard and rechargeable batteries, which will offer considerable savings for the life of the radio. Like the bestselling Pure One, there are no direct preset buttons on the unoLogic and duoLogic models, however both feature a favourite station button and RDS station naming on FM, so you're never unsure which station you're tuned to.

The Roberts unoLogic and duoLogic radios are available now.
roberts unologic DAB/FM radio
roberts duologic DAB/FM radios

The Roberts Elise takes things right back to basics, with 9 presets and a single speaker in an uncomplicated design. At an affordable price of GBP50.00 the Roberts Elise is on sale now.
Roberts Elise DAB radio


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