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Monday, 5th December 2011
Roberts Vintage goes all retro with leather finish & trad timber wrap

While the oldies will marvel at the traditional leather cloth finish, speaker grille and timber-effect side panels and FM reception, digital radio listeners can focus on the DAB tuner for BBC 6 music, Radio 4 Extra and a plethora of other digi radio station listening pleasures.

At the heart of the Vintage are DAB and FM receivers and a built-in battery charger that will happily charge up four universally-available "C"-size rechargeable cells (phew!). This negates the need to buy a specially-designed battery unit that only works with one radio.

Pop four standard alkaline batteries in the radio and these will be good for up to 80 hours' use.

Sockets abound (there's a 3.5mm input socket so you can play your own music through the radio, a headphone socket and USB for firmware updates), the Vintage offers a favourite station preset, while other stations can be scrolled through via a rotary tuning dial.

The volume control is a proper rotary dial, too. Whether you're listening to stations on DAB or FM, the radio will oblige by showing you the station's name on the display.

The Roberts Vintage measures 235mm wide by 182mm high by 88mm deep and weighs a little under 1kg - sturdy enough not to shift around the table in use.

There's no doubt the Vintage offers a quality, retro-feel DAB radio, complete with carry handle and black-on-yellow high contrast display. The included battery charger (which tops-up widely available batteries) increases its green credentials and ensures that no expensive battery add-ons are required before you take it into the shed.

The Roberts Vintage's suggested selling price is £119.99, but you can find it online now for quite a lot less. Alternatively, John Lewis have it in stock online (find it directly via the link).
roberts-vintage-front.jpg - 49090 Bytes
Roberts Vintage traditional-looking DAB and FM mains/battery portable
Roberts Vintage control panel
Roberts Vintage display and controls


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