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Thursday, 23rd June 2011
Roberts Stream 63i covers multitude of bases with CD, iDock, DAB, wifi and FM

With the popularity of iPods and music download retailers, you might be forgiven for thinking the CD is fast becoming obselete. However, you can't beat having a hard copy of your collection and, with this in mind, Roberts' 63i plays CDs while offering an iPod dock, in a handy tabletop system.

What makes this Roberts an attractive proposition is the ability to record from CD or radio onto USB memory stick or SD card. You can also access thousands of internet radio stations and tune in to the UK's extensive selection of DAB stations. You'll also get access, with a 30-day trial to start you off.

The glossy piano black cabinet is, we're told, acoustically tuned, but if you want to tweak the sound from the 63i, Roberts have included a graphic equaliser, accessible via the touch button controls on the front of the unit.

There's no shortage of connection options. In addition to the very useful (if you've an iPod) built-in dock, other-MP3-player-users can connect with a 3.5mm lead and there's an optical digital out port. Headphone users need not be disappointed, either.

Using 6 "C"-sized cells, the 105 also features other connectivity options: a 3.5mm socket for connection of an MP3 player, plus a headphone socket - handy for bedside listening. A remote control is included.

Weighing in at a hefty 5.5kg and measuring 358mm(w) x 120mm(h) x 260mm(d), the Roberts Stream 63i is available to buy now, at under £350.00.
Roberts Stream 63i
Roberts Stream 63i wifi internet radio with DAB digital and FM tuners and CD


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