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Thursday, 23rd June 2011
Roberts Stream 105 offers brand's cheapest wifi radio connection

Pop some batteries in the Roberts Stream 105, find a public wi-fi hotspot and start streaming your favourite Australian radio station.

The bods at Roberts have come up with their cheapest wifi radio yet. The stream 105 will also wake you up in the morning, thanks to its dual alarms (though you'll need the 105 to be hooked up to mains power for this to work).

As well as letting you listen to the BBC's podcasts online, the Stream 105 streams music wirelessly across a home network, letting you listen to your collection stored on your PC. There are 10 station presets for favourite wi-fi stations.

However, there's no DAB tuner and no FM to fall back on if your wi-fi hotspot becomes busy when you're out and about. Still, if the 105 can't connect to your chosen online station as your alarm (if, say, the station's streaming is down), at least it will wake you up with a buzzer sound rather than let you be late for work.

Using 6 "C"-sized cells, the 105 also features other connectivity options: a 3.5mm socket for connection of an MP3 player, plus a headphone socket - handy for bedside listening.

However, for most people the USP of this radio is its portability - allowing you to tune into a host of UK radio stations and many thousands from around the world whilst you potter about in the garden.

The Roberts Stream 105 will be available now at under £100.00. With competition from the Pure One Flow, packing DAB, wi-fi and FM, at under £90.00, the Stream 105 is likely to appeal to Roberts' loyal fanbase.
Roberts Stream 105
Roberts Stream 105 wifi internet radio


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