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You can buy the Roberts SportsDAB 6 online at Amazon or from Hughes.

If you'd prefer to reserve and collect in-store, without waiting in for delivery at home, search for Roberts SportsDAB item #651/1744 at Argos online.

Roberts SportsDAB six button arrangement

Roberts SportsDAB6 DAB handheld radio front view
Roberts SportsDAB 6 brings together the best of radio - DAB+, DAB and FM; for your daily commute

Roberts SportsDAB 6 is single-handedly making listening to digital radio easier; thanks to its handleable design you'll only need five digits and a palm to get it up and running. In a piano black glossy finish, with a black speaker grille, the radio receiver looks quite understated.

The SportsDAB 6 features a built-in speaker, when you want to go earphones-free, and a headphone socket. This means that, you can carry it around with you and still use it if you forget to pack headphones. The radio can be operated with one hand, using the multifunction jog/select rocker control.

Volume pushbutton controls and on/off switch are located on the left-hand side of the radio, with the multifunction jog/select rocker on the right. This has a 'push to select' action, for tuning to a station from the DAB list and making selections from submenus, such as autoscan and manual tune.

No need to have the telescopic aerial sticking out of your pocket, though, as the headphone cable acts as the aerial when plugged in on the move. You will probably find you don't need to raise the telescopic aerial in strong signal areas, when listening through the speaker. The retracting aerial sits flush with the radio's case, but is quite fragile and could easily bend, so it's best to treat it with care.

Sitting down at the cricket? Just raise the telescopic aerial and the SportsDAB looks like any other portable DAB radio, for instant access to 5 Live Sports Extra and talkSPORT, plus a huge bundle of other DAB digital and FM radio stations. The built-in mono speaker goes reasonably loud for such a small unit, and despite it being a small driver, doesn't produce an overly tinny sound. It's more than adequate for listening sessions out and about. If you want stereo on FM or from those stations on DAB or DAB+ broadcasting in stereo, just plug the supplied stereo headphones.

The Roberts SportsDAB6 can receive DAB digital radio stations, such as BBC Radio 4 Extra, Radio 5 Live, talkSPORT 2 and Planet Rock, alongside DAB+ channels such as Magic Chilled, Jazz FM, Fun Kids and Union Jack, the majority of which launched in March 2016, with Union Jack following in September 2016.
Roberts SportsDAB 6 personal pocket DAB radio

A truly portable radio, there's a built-in rechargeable lithium polymer battery pack, which can't be removed or swapped. Battery life is quoted are about 15 hours when listening through the loudspeaker at regular volume levels, or around 18 hours when using headphones. The backlight on the display can be set to switch off after 12 seconds of inactivity through the menus. There's a covered mini USB socket below the multifunction jog/select rocker, for charging the battery using a supplied DC charger that plugs into the mains.

A useful hold key on top prevents you from accidently changing channel or volume while the radio is in your pocket, and you can store up to 20 station presets in memory for quicker recall via a 'favourites' menu. A sleep function is useful for adjusting the radio to switch off after a certain time - from 15 to 90 minutes, in case you like to drift off while listening to the radio. A set of basic earphones is supplied, though you can use your favourite cans sporting a standard 3.5mm jack.

If nothing on DAB digital radio takes your fancy, you can switch back to FM where the Roberts SportsDAB 6 will let you which station you're tuned to, thanks to RDS station naming.

Measuring 5.6 cm wide x 10.2 cm tall and 2.3cm deep, the SportsDAB 6 at 124 grams is very portable, easily fitting into a pocket.

The Roberts SportsDAB 6 is available now with a recommended price of £ 99.95, from Amazon or from Hughes.

SportsDAB 2 and SportsDAB 6 - what's the difference?

The SportsDAB 6 is primarily a cosmetic and model number update to the SportsDAB 2, which was released in 2009. Early versions of the SportsDAB 2 weren't DAB+ compatible. Later versions could receive both DAB and DAB+ stations, but with auction sites selling both, it was difficult to identify exactly which one you'd end up with.

To avoid perpetuating such confusion for customers, the SportsDAB 6 resets the bar, as it's both DAB and DAB+ compatible. Three new stations broadcasting in stereo using DAB+ - Fun Kids children's radio, Magic Chilled laid back easy listening and Jazz FM, alongside a fourth, Union Jack, also in stereo, which launched in September 2016, require a DAB digital radio capable of receiving DAB+ stations too, otherwise you'll hear the sound of silence when you tune in - you'll see the station's name and be able to tune to it, but hear nothing through the speaker. This is because older DAB digital radios cannot decode stations broadcasting in DAB+.

The SportsDAB 6 solves this problem, as it is a futureproofed digital radio. Several local and superlocal station bundles contain one or more stations broadcasting in DAB+.

The SportsDAB 6 offers DAB/DAB+ and FM (RDS) reception. RDS allows you to see the name of the FM station you're tuned to. DAB and DAB+ compatibility means you can use the radio in the UK and overseas, for example, in Australia, where all stations use the DAB+ standard to broadcast.

The Roberts SportsDAB 6 is the best personal DAB radio you can buy with a built-in speaker and rechargeable battery. Even with the aerial down in strong signal areas, this DAB radio still picks up stations. It's available for around £ 100.

Check out the left-hand column at the top of this page for current pricing information (including discounts) and where to buy online.

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