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You can buy the SportsDAB 3 from Amazon

Roberts SportsDAB 3 speaks for itself

Roberts' latest handheld picks up DAB, DAB+ and FM broadcasts, so you can use it here and abroad to tune in to your favourite stations.

The SportsDAB Mark III features both a built-in speaker and headphone socket. If you forget to pack your headphones, simply raise the telescopic aerial and listen through the built-in speaker.

The '3 protects against random keypresses while in your pocket, thanks to its key lock and the bright OLED display uses less power than an ordinary backlit LCD, conserving the rechargeable battery to enable you to listen to a full day of cricket.

The '3 measures in at 56 mm wide x 101 mm high x 22mm deep and comes with earphones (which act as another aerial when the telescopic one is retracted) and an AC adaptor. It weighs in at 117 grams.

The SportsDAB 3 is available shortly - keep checking back here and we'll let you know where to get one.
SportsDAB 3 close-up of screen
Roberts SportsDAB III

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