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You can get the radio from Amazon at under £90. John Lewis and Co-op Electrical are also stockists of the Splash!

Roberts makes a little Splash! with compact portable DAB and FMer

If you're splosher rather than a washer, the Roberts Splash! could be a useful addition to your bathroom. It is water resistant and splashproof, making it the obvious choice to survive the British summer or a humid, damp environment.

The all-weather DAB and FM portable radio not only includes a mounting plate in the box - enabling you to clip it to the bathroom wall - but also a swivel hook to hang it in the shower (although, of course, it's best to place it out of the way of a direct hit from the shower head).

An LED torch function helps you locate the soap in the dark and there's an emergency alarm if your rubber duck ends up over the side of the bath.

Thankfully the remainder of the functions on the Splash! are much more useful than the previous two: separate volume, tuning and station preset buttons are neatly laid out, which makes changing stations less hassle.

Replaceable "D"-size batteries (the Splash! uses just two of these) means you can use standard alkaline or rechargeables in the radio - which is ideal, as mains power and water do not mix.

The radio's dimensions are 235mm x 140mm x 56mm, with the unit weighing in at just under 1kg (920 grams). Given the lack of splashproof DAB radio models out there, we suggest the Splash! should be at the top of your list if you want a handy, portable DAB and FM radio able to survive sharp downpours when you're having a barbecue.

The Splash! is available now at less than its £99 RRP - check the left-hand column to find out where to get your hands on one.
Roberts Splash DAB - FM radio
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Roberts Splash DAB FM radio

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