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Monday, 26th October 2009
Roberts beefs up the bass with its Sound 80 package

Roberts Radio's new Sound 80 is bringing bass to the bedside, with a handy DAB alarm clock radio.

Roberts' Sound 80 features dual alarms, an auxiliary socket for connection of an MP3 player and FM RDS station naming. There are five presets on each waveband.

A three-range speaker system - woofer, tweeter and sub - is designed to improve all round sonics from the small cabinet, which measures 248mm x 210mm x 135mm.

The "80" monicker indicates the Sound 80 has a somewhat retro feel about it. We're not sure if this is a good thing, as radio rival Pure has moved towards more contemporary-looking radios to match the digital goodies inside. To reflect the era that it is trying to mimic, Roberts could have added a twin cassette deck to the '80 and supersized it.

The Roberts Roberts Sound 80 is available now, at around GBP100.
Roberts Sound 80 DAB/FM radio


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