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If you're into audio books at bedtime, the DAB-and-FM Sound 38 lets you rejoin the story where you left off.

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The 38 is available from Amazon UK, John Lewis and Co-op Electrical.

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Wake up with all-singing-and-dancing 38

There's just no pleasing some people. One day they want to wake up to the dulcet sounds of Chris Evans; the next it's the raucousness of Classic FM. Perhaps a soothing heavy metal CD fits the bill on the weekend?

Lucklily, the Robert Sound 38 is kitted out to deliver your day with the widest possible menu. In its cube formation, the '38 loads CD player, DAB and FM radio alongside a handy bookmark function to pick up where you left off, when listening to your favourite silver disc.

The CD bookmark function will restart playback from the place you left off when you next turn it on - handy for audio bookworms. And all in stereo, too, thanks to twin speakers.

If you've burnt a compilation to CD in MP3 or Windows Media Audio (WMA) format, the Sound 38 will happily oblige by playing these file types.

With adjustable sleep (up to 90 minutes) and snooze timers (up to 20 minutes in 5 minute intervals), the '38 is very programmable. Two alarms can be set to combinations of weekday, weekend or daily settings. There's a single time setting, too, so you don't miss the early train on a special occasion.

Four selectable brightness settings ensure your room isn't lit up with unwanted light from the display - including an "almost-off" night-time setting. You can wake to DAB, FM radio, CD or a buzzer sound.

With dimensions of 138mm(w) x 132mm(h) x 168mm(d), the Sound 38 is a sturdy 1.1kg - heavy enough not to slide across the table as you press the buttons. Sound 38 also has a headphone socket and 3.5mm audio input socket for connection of an MP3 player. It's fitted with twin speakers - on each side of the unit - giving 2 x 1 Watts output.

The CD alarm clock radio is available to buy now at under £100 - check the left-hand column for where to get one.
Roberts Sound 38 CD alarm clock radio
The alarm clock radio features CD playback and twin alarm settings

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