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Sunday, 4th December 2011
Roberts RecordR records radio programmes broadcast on DAB and FM

Roberts has launched its first radio capable of recording both DAB and FM radio shows.

Roberts RecordR lets you schedule and record radio shows broadcast on DAB or FM to an SD card (or SDHC card up to 32GB in size), for playback through the radio or on any MP3 player. SD cards are removable memory cards, commonly used in digital cameras to store and transfer photos.

The radio is the first to include a dual standard SD and SDHC card slot, which allows you to use high-capacity cards and transfer shows to a PC or other audio device that reads such cards.

The radio recorder sports a clean and sharp design, with an attractive white finish and orange backlit display. Frequently-used controls are sensibly arranged, with five individual preset buttons and an instant record button.

You can pause and rewind a programme to hear something again (an address or song title, for example), then fast forward to rejoin the live show. The memory can store up to 60 minutes' worth of paused audio.

The Roberts RecordR has 4 separate programmable timers that can each be set to combinations of daily, weekly, weekday-only, weekend-only and single recording modes. So, if there's a programme that is broadcast only once a week, the RecordR will duly record it at the same time each week, leaving three other timers for other scheduling. Recordings can be up to 24 hours in length, provided the memory card inserted has enough free space on it.

There's a large, orange "one-touch" record feature for instant recordings. Files are stored in MP3 format and are split into half-hour segments - handy if your show spans several hours; this avoids losing long recordings in the event of a power failure. Although the radio takes four "D"-size batteries for portability (providing up to 120 hours' use from a set), recordings can only be made when the radio is plugged into the mains. There is the option of using rechargeable "D" cells, too, rather than the specific rechargeable unit of Pure-branded models.

If the recording features aren't enough, the RecordR is a fully-functional alarm clock, with 4 separate alarms (with the same alarm flexibility as the recording timers) and sleep, snooze and "forty winks" nap modes.

The RecordR sports a headphone socket, a 3.5mm audio input for connection of an MP3 player for playback through the radio unit and FM RDS station naming. It picks up both DAB and FM stations through its telescopic aerial, with 5 presets on each waveband, accessed by dedicated buttons on the front of the radio.

The radio measures in at 242mm wide, 147mm high and 85mm deep and weighs 1.02kg. You'll need an SD or SDHC card to be able to record programmes.

Best of all the Roberts RecordR is available to buy online from Co-Op Electrical Shop, Amazon UK or from John Lewis (with a 2 year guarantee) now at around £100.
Roberts RecordR DAB/FM radio recorder with 4 timers and 4 separate alarms
Roberts RecordR DAB/FM radio recorder with SD card slot and 4 separate timers and alarms

The Roberts RecordR supports MP3, ACC, WAV and unprotected (non DRM) WMA audio file formats. The radio will play tracks stored on the SD card through its single speaker.

roberts-recordr-panel.jpg - 38541 Bytes
Roberts RecordR buttons and illuminated display


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