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You can get the Roberts Play T1 from Amazon for under £100.

Roberts' latest alarm clock radio - Wake up in time for T1

Roberts Radio have launched their latest bedside alarm clock radio - the Play T1 - with DAB, DAB+ and FM out-of-the-box, earning it a futureproofing 'digital tick', which means it won't go out of date when listening to digital stations. With it, you'll be able to tune in to and hear Magic Chilled, Jazz FM, Fun Kids and Union Jack broadcasting in the DAB+ standard - something older DAB radios can't do.

With a colour display, numbered key access to 5 preset station memories on each analogue and digital waveband, and space to store a further 50 stations as favourites on DAB and FM, the carry-handle toting Play T1 sports a contemporary design and an easy-to-use interface.
Roberts Play T1 colour screen
Roberts Play T1 front view

There are rotary dials for volume and tuning, a dedicated display dimmer button (no hunting around in menus for the settings are required with this model), easy set dedicated dual alarm buttons (again, making the process of setting daily, weekday and weekend alarms a simple process) and a nice, clear colour display mounted on the front of the unit.

The display shows station name and scrolling text, but on some stations, such as Capital FM and Heart in London, extra slideshow information is available.

Even better, the Roberts Play T1 takes 4 'AA'-size rechargeable batteries, which means you'll not have to fork out for an expensive battery pack. Or, just plug it into the mains.

If you do get bored of listening to the radio, there's a 3.5mm audio input socket allowing cabled connections from your smartphone's headphone socket, letting you play your own tunes through the Play T1's amplifier and speaker.

Equally, if your partner is tired of hearing late-night love songs, the T1 also has a headphone socket on its back panel, below the telescopic aerial.

A compact 11.4cm deep x 10.9cm wide x 17.3 cm high; and at a reassuring 762g making sure the T1 is less likely to skid across your bedside table, the Play T1 sells for under £100.

Roberts have manufactured an easy-to-use, reliable bedside DAB radio sporting a range of features that are easily accessed.

Check the left-hand column to find out where to get one, for under £100 for the Roberts Radio Play T1.
Top of the Roberts Play T1
Roberts Play T1 top panel

Rear view of Roberts Play T1
A view of the radio's back panel

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