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You can get the Roberts Play M5 from Amazon in red for around £60. Black, blue and yellow colours are available for around the same price.

Roberts Radio goes all-colour with its DAB tabletopper - on the M5 it's safe to play

Fancy a DAB radio in something other than an ordinary charcoal or white finish? The Roberts Play M5 comes in blue, red, yellow or black colours, complete with a colour screen, too.

There are three direct-access keys for favourite stations on each of its DAB+ and FM wavebands, plus a dedicated alarm button for quick access to the settings for the radio's two alarms.

The Play M5 tunes in to DAB, DAB+ and FM stations, earning it a futureproofing 'digital tick'; you'll be able to tune in to and hear Magic Chilled, Jazz FM, Fun Kids and Union Jack broadcasting in the DAB+ standard, which some older DAB radios can't do. Other stations on superlocal digital radio bundles also broadcast using the DAB+ standard, meaning you'll be able to hear these, too, if you're in their broadcast area,

Roberts haven't skimped on the dials, either - there are separate volume and tuning dials, making flicking through stations very simple without extra kepresses.
Roberts Play M5 buttons
Roberts Play M5 button count

The display shows station name and scrolling text, but on some pop stations in London for example, extra slideshow information is often available.

The Play M5 takes 4 'AA'-size rechargeable batteries, which means there's no need to buy an expensive battery pack. Or, the M5 will also run on mains power.

If you do want to try out some of your own tunes, there's a 3.5mm audio input socket allowing cabled connections from your smartphone's headphone socket, letting you play audio through the M5's amplifier and speaker.

Equally, if your partner wants to sleep, the M5 also has a headphone socket on its back panel, below its telescopic aerial. This makes it equally useful as a bedside alarm clock radio.

Measuring 19.8cm wide x 12cm high x 7.5cm deep; and weighing in at 450g, the Play M5 sells for under £60.

Roberts have manufactured an easy-to-use, reliable bedside DAB radio sporting a range of features that are easily accessed.

Check the left-hand column to find out where to get one, for under £60 for the Roberts Radio Play M5.
Front view of the Roberts Play M5
Roberts Play M5 front view

Rear view of Roberts Play M5
A view of the radio's back panel

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