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You can get the Roberts Ortus 2 from John Lewis at around £80 or from Amazon in black or white.

Sunrise with the Roberts Ortus 2 alarm clock bedside digital radio

Roberts Radio's Ortus 2's display can be fine-tuned to achieve the correct brightness for your bedroom, thanks to a separate dimmer button giving three display brightness levels. This means there's less hunting around in the radio's menus to find the correct settings.

There's a rotary dial for station selection and FM tuning, easy-to-operate dedicated dual alarm buttons (making the process of setting daily, weekday and weekend alarms a cinch) and a clear display that can be dimmed or turned completely off. A press of a button on top illuminates the display in the dark for a few seconds, if the level is set to 'low' or 'off', so you can check the time if you need to.

Any button on the radio acts as a snooze button - so you can't inadvertently switch the alarm off by hitting the wrong button in the dark. Rather than a wire aerial, the Ortus 2 has a proper telescopic aerial for pulling in as many stations as it can.

Roberts Radio Ortus 2 DAB/FM alarm clock radio
Roberts Radio Ortus 2 DAB+, DAB and FM bedside alarm clock digital radio

The display usually shows the DAB station name, but can be set to show scrolling text. The Ortus 2 features a headphone socket (to prevent you disturbing those around you while you listen) on its back panel, where you'll also find its single speaker and 3.5mm audio input socket allowing cabled connections from your smartphone or MP3 player's headphone socket, letting you play your own sounds through the alarm clock's amplifier and speaker. Your smartphone can also be charged from the alarm clock's built-in USB charger, also located around the back.

There are three separate preset buttons on top for selecting favourite stations, which avoids a search through the menus to access presets.

There's also a sleep settings feature with fading volume, to avoid the unit suddenly switching off when you've just gone to sleep.

Measuring 6.7cm deep x 17cm wide x 10.7cm high; and 490g, the Ortus 2 retails for under £80 and is mains powered only.

Check the left-hand column to find out where to get one, for under £80 for the Roberts Radio Ortus 2.
Roberts Radio Ortus 2 top panel and button arrangement
Roberts Radio Ortus 2 top panel and button arrangement

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