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Revo K2 tower iPad and iPod docking internet radio with DAB and FM

Monday, 10th October 2011
Revo K2 towering furnace, firing up internet, DAB, FM & iPad dock

The Eiffel Tower in Paris; Toronto's CN Tower; London's Westminster Tower? These all have nothing in common with the astounding Revo K2, whose vertically-enhanced styling is designed to accommodate an iPad just as easily as the latest iPhone.

With a mountain of features and packing 2 x 20 Watts RMS, the aluminium and rubber cased Revo K2 handles all of your radio airchecks on internet, DAB and FM.

Controls mounted on the top of the unit carry through the cuboid theme of the all-singing enhanced iPod dock, while twin D-amplifiers, bass port and soundfield engineering created some serious acoustics. Inside the enclosure are 4 lots of 58mm square HiWave Balanced Mode Radiator full range drivers utilising neodymium magnet systems. Don't say you weren't warned.

Wired or wireless connections for internet radio are possible with the Revo K2 and the system can also stream music shared from a PC or MAC. There's also access to subscription-based

Site your Revo K2 upstairs and the system will also double-up a very big bedside alarm clock, with a single alarm and snooze features. A useful headphone socket will stop you disturbing others around you.

Power up the K2 and the display illuminates into life, with stereo RCA connectors, video out, optical out and 3.5mm audio input sockets on the opposite side.

With iPod and iPad docking, DAB and countless internet radio stations at your fingertips, it's almost embarassing to mention that the K2 also features FM reception with RDS station naming and scrolling RadioText.

If you're planning on moving anytime in the near future, the Revo K2 is also supplied with a multi-country power supply for the UK, Europe and USA. The DAB functionality won't come in useful in the States, but internet radio and FM are of course in full force across the water.

Revo K2 tower music system
Revo K2 tower featuring iPod and iPad dock, internet, DAB, DAB+ and FM radio

The Revo K2's critical measurements are 330mm (high) x 106mm (wide) x 106mm (deep). Its compact footprint, narrow width, tall stature and enhanced soundfield capabilities makes it ideal in situations where space is limited. It's bound to be a talking point in any household.

The Revo K2 is available from Revo Direct at £300, or from John Lewis (with a 2 year guarantee) and Amazon UK now.
Revo K2 top panel
Revo K2 iPod docking station top panel

The Revo K2 is available from Revo Direct.


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