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Thursday, 29th October 2009
Revo looks to the digital age with Heritage

Hot on the heels of the Revo Ikon and Revo Domino D3 comes the Revo Heritage, a retro-styled digi radio catering for DAB and wi-fi enthusiasts - and iPod listeners.

Revo Heritage is wrapped in an ally and walnut veneer finish, features RDS station naming and RadioText on FM and is controlled by a weeny joystick on the front of the unit.

The white-on-black OLED screen has been upsized from normal DAB radios to fit more information on; this allows easier selection of DAB and internet favourites from a list.

The radio also receives DAB+ broadcasts, so the radio can be taken abroad to Australia, for example, where the DAB+ standard is in use. It is also futureproofed, should UK DAB+ broadcasts begin at any point over here. Several other radio models from Pure and Revo share this futureproofing.

Alarm and snooze/sleep functions haven't been left out of the Heritage either and there's an array of connectivity options from stereo RCA phono outputs and inputs to a digital out socket.

The 'Pod slot on the top of the Revo Heritage accepts iPod models from the iPod mini onwards, Touch and Ipod classic players from 4th generation onwards. Music can be controlled though the Heritage, using the supplied remote. iPhones can also be docked, but only playback and charging is possible.

USB mass-storage devices can even ben connected to the radio, allowing playback of MP3 and WMA files. can be accessed through the Heritage, but it's GBP 3.00 per month following a 30 day free trial. Nevertheless, with access to thousands of internet radio stations, up to 50 stations on DAB and both FM and wireless audio streaming of music files stored on PC or MAC plus USB playback, the Revo Heritage offers almost limitless free music access!

Revo Heritage is available to order now, via this site.
Revo Heritage DAB wifi radio with iPod dock
Revo Heritage display

Around GBP230.00, Revo Heritage is available to order now.Revo Heritage remote control
Revo Heritage side view


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