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Monday, 12th October 2009
Revo's knocking spots off rivals with Domino D3

Revo is following the launch of its flagship touchscreen wi-fi/DAB system, the Revo Ikon, with a brand spanking new set of three music systems all featuring iPod docks compatible with iPhone and iPod.

Tipping the scales with top technology, the Revo Domino D3 heavyweight packs in DAB (with DAB+ upgrade for futureproofing), wi-fi internet radio and access to (30 days free, then GBP3.00 per month), in addition to the oh-so-useful dock. Other flavours include the Domino D2 wi-fi radio and D1 DAB/FM tabletop, all styled identically.

Fancy partying hard to your regular station on FM radio instead? The Revo Domino D3 obliges, with RDS station naming and scrolling RadioText thrown in for good measure.

A rubbery finish hides fingermarks and gives the Domino D3 a more contemporary, sporty look. Revo have also installed a quirky four-way joystick control system, which combined with the bright OLED screen, enables listeners to quickly access menus and functions.

The dock on the top caters for both iPhone and iPod from the iPod mini and iPod 4th generation onwards, but the all important 3.5mm audio input socket is there in case a Creative MP3 player is your thing (and why not?).

If you'd rather take the Revo Domino D3 to your room, there's an array of alarms, sleep and snooze timer to keep you in bed in the morning. You can wake to a choice of internet radio, FM or DAB. There's a remote control in the box, too.

Domino D3 is intent on producing the best sound around thanks to its NXT balanced speaker technology and the ported enclosure has been extensively tweaked to offer an all-round music system, capable of playing any combination of rock, jazz or classical.

Revo Domino D3 is available from 1st November 2009, via this site, at GBP169.95.
Revo Domino D3 with iPod in dock
Revo Domino D3 with iPod dock
Revo Domino D3 topRevo Domino D3 top view

Revo Domino screen
Revo Domino D3's screen and joystick control
Revo Domino remote
Revo Domino D3's remote


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