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Monday, 12th October 2009
Wifi radio spotting with the Revo Domino D2

Is there no pleasing some people? Revo seem to think so - out goes the DAB and DAB+ hardware of the Revo Domino D3, to bring you the singing and still-very-much-dancing Revo Domino D2.

Ideal for listeners who like to trawl the internet for their radio fix, the Revo Domino D2 concentrates on wi-fi internet radio access, FM radio (with RDS station naming and RadioText info). When you're bored of browsing more than 11,000 net stations, pop your 'pod into the top and access your own library of tunes via the built-in, err... iPod dock. There's access too, at GBP3.00 per month after your 30 day trial expires.

No need to keep fingers on the natty control joystick, as the Domino D2 conveniently comes with a remote control.

Domino's rubberised finish keeps fingermarks at bay while setting the style for the whole series - D1 through to D3.

The dock will accept both iPhone and iPod, ranging from the iPod mini and iPod 4th generation onwards, but an 3.5mm audio input socket is there in case another MP3 player is calling.

Like the D3, there's an array of alarms plus snooze and sleep timers for your bedside listening pleasure.

Revo Domino D2 is available from 1st November 2009, via this site, at GBP149.95.
Revo Domino D2 with iPod in dock
Revo Domino D2 with iPod dock
Revo Domino D2 topRevo Domino D2 top view

Revo Domino screen
Revo Domino D2's screen and joystick control
Revo Domino remote
Revo Domino D2's remote


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