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Monday, 12th October 2009
Revo Domino is D1 for DAB listeners

If spending hours trawling through internet radio stations is not your thing and you want to listen to something closer to home, Revo Domino's D1 could be the radio for you.

Dispensing with the wifi-DAB hybridity of the Revo Domino D3 and internet radio access of the Domino D2, the Revo Domino D1 simply incorporates DAB and DAB+ digital radio into its unique design, together with an iPod dock.

There are ten presets on each of DAB and FM wavebands; to keep you off your toes a handy remote is supplied. FM kindly tells you the name of the station and gives scrolling text info, thanks to the RDS-enabled receiver.

Station selection is a cinch - that's down to the little joystick on the front of the Domino D1.

The iPod dock accepts both iPhone and iPod models, from the iPod mini and iPod 4th generation to the present day, but an 3.5mm audio input socket is there, should you wish to plug in another brand of MP3 player to listen to via the Domino D1.

Revo Domino D1 is available from 1st November 2009, via this site, at GBP129.95.
Revo Domino D1 with iPod in dock
Revo Domino D1 with iPod dock
Revo Domino D1 topRevo Domino D1 top view

Revo Domino screen
Revo Domino D1's screen and joystick control
Revo Domino remote
Revo Domino D1's remote


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