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Revo AXiS tabletop DAB/wifi/iPod dock system

Saturday, 21st August 2010
Revo AXiS tabletop DAB digital radio/wi-fi radio/iPod dock system

If X is DAB radio, Y is internet radio and Z is iPod connectivity: everything springs from the AXiS, the new tabletop integrated music system from Revo.

Revo's deceptively compact AXiS (the little 'i' indicates it is iPod and iPhone-ready) connects wirelessly to thousands of internet radio stations or to your account by subscription, for all sorts of musical genres or speech radio. You can also stream music from your PC or MAC.

Its FM RDS and DAB reception (including DAB+ for futureproofing) let you know which UK-based station you're tuned to. Best of all, like its brother the Revo Ikon, the Revo AXiS has a 3.5mm touchscreen display, making navigation simple.

The AXiS' ported speaker enclosure, delivering a maximum of 8 Watts RMS, is based around NXT's balanced-radiator speaker technology.

The Revo AXiS is compatible with the iPod mini 4th generation and iPod 4th generation onwards (when colour displays were introduced). A 3.5mm input caters for other MP3 players and incarnations of the ubiquitous music player. A headphone socket, stereo RCA phono inputs, composite video out (for iPod movies) and a telescopic aerial for DAB/FM broadcasts complete the picture.

The Revo AXiS is available to buy online now at under GBP 200.
Revo AXiS
Revo AXiS rear

Revo AXiS featuring FM/DAB/DAB+ tuner, wi-fi internet radio reception and iPod dock: it's not evil


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