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Sunday, 10th January 2009
Sirocco 550 brings 5 sources to your living room

Following the news at the end of last year about its weather-resistant wi-fi and DAB portable, Pure's seeing in the new year with its first DAB and wi-fi micro system, with the power and versatililty to be the main system in your home.

Pure Sirocco 550 is a fully connected system offering iPod/iPhone dock, terrestrial radio, wi-fi internet radio access, CD player and USB connectivity in a classy-looking unit.

First up, the Pure Sirocco 550 caters for both DAB and FM radio listeners, using a combination of touchscreen controls to select stations and traditional buttons to select the waveband. Sources can be easily selected using direct access keys down the left-hand side of the unit.

Thousands of internet radio streams can be accessed using the 550's wi-fi internet receiver; unlimited favourite stations are at your fingertips via Pure's own Lounge live links portal. The BBC's listen again service and streaming podcasts can be easily accessed through The Lounge, while the system can also play music stored on your PC or MAC. The Sirocco 550 doesn't skimp on power, with 2 x 40 Watts RMS via the aluminium volume control: plenty even for larger-sized rooms.

The Sirocco 550 features a CD player and fascia-mounted USB and 3.5mm AUX in sockets. The first allows you to play tunes stored on a mass storage device (USB memory stick) through the unit; the second offers a simple, alternative way to connect non-iPod MP3 players. There's even a dedicated button to access alarm settings.

The large OLED display allows to to quickly scroll through lists of internet radio stations and shows DAB station information. Major functions can be accessed using the supplied remote control.

Pure Sirocco 550 is available now at around £350.
Pure Sirocco 550
Pure Sirocco 550 DAB, FM and wi-fi internet micro system with iPod/iPhone dock


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