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Pure ONE Classic combined DAB/FM radio

Pure ONE gets an overhaul and a new soft-touch finish to hide the fingermarks

Pure has taken its popular, award-winning Pure ONE DAB/FM radio and given it a little update to bring it in line with other input-sporting radios.

The Pure ONE Classic adds a 3.5mm line-in socket for connection of an MP3 player or iPod - convenient if you don't yet have a speaker system for your iPod.

The ONE Classic can also be linked up to the company's separate i-10 universal iPod dock, for complete control of tracks and playlists using the i-10's remote.

The Pure ONE Classic can also pause and rewind live radio for up to 15 minutes at a time - handy if you need to answer the 'phone or see off the salesman at the door.

Even better, Pure have seen fit to include an alarm on the Classic, and have also upped the number of presets to thirty across both wavebands. There are still no "direct-access" keys to jump to a particular preset, so accessing these is still via a button and the central dial.

Pure ONE owners will be disappointed that the alarm feature of the ONE Classic is not available to them as an upgrade, however the extra features of the Classic make seeking out this new model worthwhile.

The shocking pink of the Pure ONE, however, has been dropped in favour of a more restrained pastel pink.

The Pure ONE Classic is available now at around GBP 49.99.

Pure One Classic

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