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Tuesday, 6th July 2010
Standby for the Pure ONE Mi and it won't cost you the earth

Pure have taken the simplicity of the Pure One, squeezed its dimensions and tweaked its controls to arrive at the Pure ONE Mi, a DAB and FM compact portable radio.

The eco-friendly Pure ONE Mi, barely bigger than the hands it sits in, draws just over half a watt of power on standby and just over 1.5 Watts when powered up and playing. Its highstreet price is around GBP34.99, but likely to be less online.

Although the screen itself isn't backlit, Pure have managed to cram in signal strength, battery and volume meter icons beside a handy clock and band information, onto the LCD readout.

The Pure ONE Mi dispenses with the rotary selection dial of the Pure One; instead there are easier to use separate volume and station selection buttons. Other buttons allow you to access the tuning, station order and info menus. There's also a dedicated button to help flick through station presets. One noticeable omission is a headphone socket, meaning stations can only be heard in mono through its single speaker.

If you want to take the Pure ONE Mi out and about, you'll have to get hold of the new size ChargePAK rechargeable battery. We think the necessity of purchasing a battery pack an unwelcome burden on a radio aimed firmly at the budget end of the market, when you consider rival Roberts offer several models that run on standard AA rechargeable batteries, all with built-in chargers, however Pure's version does at least stop you being weighed down with batteries in your pocket - and their lithium-ion version claims a good 18 hours between charges.

The Mi is powered through a standardised mini USB power adaptor; if you have a powerful (5 Volt) USB hub the radio could even be plugged in to this. The USB can port upgrades (such as a DAB+ compatibility upgrade for UK users, if DAB+ broadcasts were to start in the UK) via a PC or Mac.

Pure ONE Mi is expected to hit the shelves soon, in black or white finishes, at GBP34.99. You can pick one up online. The ONE Mi not to be confused with the Pure Mio.
Pure One Mi DAB radio with FMPure ONE Mi DAB radio
Pure ONE Mi DAB radio in black or white finish


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