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Pure Evoke 1XT Marshall DAB Special Edition

Pure Evoke 1XT Marshall review

Here's a bit of fun from the designers at Pure - a quirky looking radio based on the design of the Marshall guitar amp and a tie in with national DAB station Planet Rock. Under its authentic look lies the workings of an Evoke 1XT - so you know you're getting something special.

The blue display of the Evoke 1XT has even been tweaked on the Evoke 1XT Marshall DAB edition, giving the numerals a retro red glow.
pure evoke 1xt marshall
Pure Evoke 1-XT Marshall Edition

Wrapped in vinyl and with the Marshall branding across the speaker grille, the Evoke 1XT Marshall even features grippy volume (which goes all the way up to 11) and station selection dials. The curvy handle of the original Evoke 1XT gives way to an authentic vinyl handle.

Pure Evoke 1-XT Marshall Edition with matching speaker
Pure Evoke 1-XT Marshall Edition with matching speaker

As the Evoke 1-XT Marshall has the same electronics under the casing, we suggest you read our review of the Evoke 1XT. There's even a matching speaker for stereo sound.

Find out where to buy the Pure Evoke 1-XT Marshall online.

For: Expansive soound from a small unit; CD player and amplifier functionality
Against: build quality is a little flimsy
Verdict: A great alarm clock solution offering DAB, FM and CD playback
Price: GBP100.00

Find out where to buy the Pure Evoke 1-XT Marshall DAB radio online.


Pure Evoke 1XT Marshall DAB radio

Pure Evoke 1XT Marshall Tech Spec

Specifications: Stereo digital radio (stereo output requires optional auxiliary speaker, headphones or external amplifier) with full Band III reception capability, for reception of all UK DAB broadcasts. Compliant with ETS 300 401 and capable of decoding all DAB transmission modes 1-4 up to and including 256 kbps.

Frequency range: Band III (174 - 240 MHz).

Alarm: Alarm setting with station or tone selection.

Timer: Countdown timer for kitchen use. Speaker: Full-range 3" drive unit.

Input connectors: RF F-connector for 75 Ohm DAB aerial connection (telescopic aerial supplied). USB connector for software upgrades. Power input. Output connectors: 3.5 mm sockets for stereo analogue audio output, headphone output and auxiliary speaker connection.

Controls: Power on/standby, volume, tune/select, autotune, info, menu, timer, dedicated Planet Rock preset and 5 selectable presets.

LCD display: High-resolution red-on-black LCD display with selectable brightness levels.

Power supply: 230V AC to 9V DC external power adapter.

Approvals: CE marked. Compliant with the EMC and Low Voltage Directives (89/336/EEC and 73/23/EEC).

Dimensions (mm): 210 w x 175 h x 110 d.

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Pure Evoke 1-XT Marshall Edition
Pure Evoke 1-XT Marshall Edition