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Pure DAB Sirocco with iPod and iPhone connectivity

Pure Sirocco 150 DAB digital micro system launched

Pure is going for another world first - this time its Sirocco 150 DAB micro is the first to be badged with labels for "made for iPod" and "works with iPhone".

Sporting both DAB and FM wavebands, the Pure Sirocco 150 has been specifically designed to accommodate many Apple iPod mini, classic, nano touch mp3 players, in addition to the iPhone 3G mobile 'phone, using the company's custom, removable iPod dock. The unit's remote lets you skip happily through tracks stored on your 'pod, while other mp3 users needn't feel left out, as Pure have also included a 3.5mm front-mounted input for the cause.

The Sirocco will also handle CDs containing mp3 and Windows WMA file formats, but if you prefer you can always slot in an SD card or USB memory storage stick and play files through the Sirocco from there.

A sleep timer and headphone socket combine to aid personal listening without disturbing others, while a useful alarm wakes you up to tone or the radio. The Sirocco 150 has also conveniently provided a video out socket, enabling you to view iPod or iPhone-stored videos on a television.

With 12.5 Watts per channel on tap and two-way speakers, the Sirocco is clearly aiming at consumers who want a DAB micro in the bedroom or kitchen. Its low power consumption means it'll get by on less than one watt in standby mode.

The Pure Sirocco 150 is available now at around GBP 149.99.

Pure Sirocco 150 DAB micro
Pure i-10 iPod dock

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