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The dawn of a new DAB receiver with mood lighting and daylight simulator

Sunday, 28th October 2010
Pure launches bedside DAB digital radio with integrated lamp

Another bright idea from Pure, the Twilight brings together a full-featured DAB alarm clock radio alongside a multi-programmable LED-powered light.

The radio's sleep function works in combination with a gently dimming light, which can be changed to a selectable coloured glow if the mood takes you. The light can be set to any colour or brightness.

Pure Twilight also features four independent alarms, which can be accompanied by a tone, DAB digital radio, a station on FM or an array of sounds from a cockerel call to church bells, at a volume to suit. Touch the Twilight's glass dome and the snooze function silences the alarm for a few minutes.

While you're asleep, the Twilight won't light up your room with its garish display - the green-on-black OLED screen is auto-dimming, depending on light levels in the room.

Pure have packed in a headphone socket, powered USB port for connection of a mobile 'phone for charging and a 3.5mm input to allow you to hook up your MP3 player or iPod.

The Pure Twilight is covering all bases and customers - the radio also features built-in lullabies for children.

Pure Twilight is available for around GBP 130 right now in time for Christmas.
Pure Twilight DAB radio with lamp
Pure Twilight DAB radio with mood light/dawn simulator light


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