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You can get the Pure Siesta S6 from John Lewis at around £130 in graphite or white colour, or from Amazon in polar, gold, mint, navy or white finishes.

You can get the Pure Siesta Rise S from John Lewis at around £100 in blue, or from Amazon in polar, gold, mint, navy or white finishes.

You can get the Pure Siesta S2 (which doesn't have Bluetooth audio) at under £70 from Amazon in graphite or white finishes. This model doesn't have Bluetooth audio.

Pure Siesta S6 and Rise S DAB alarm clock radios - all rise for great DAB

Pure's latest alarm clock radios with DAB and FM are future-proofed with DAB+ out-of-the-box, earning them a 'digital tick'. Smart-looking radios, the range use Pure's CrystalVue technology to ensure you can read the display clearly from wherever you are in the room. The edgeless displays can be set to dim automatically, alongside alternative full manual control of the display brightness to ensure the radio's display won't keep you awake. A rising alarm volume means you won't be suddenly shaken from your slumber.

With Bluetooth audio, the Rise S and S6 models let you play music from your smartphone through the radio's speaker.

There's a headphone socket with stereo output to let you sample stations without disturbing others and a prominent snooze button on top, allowing you to momentarily silence the alarm while you slumber. Speaking of alarms, there are three independent alarms each with once, daily, weekday and weekend settings - handy if you get up at different times depending on the time of week - and all on an individual button, making setting alarms and adustments very simple. If you want to fall asleep to 'book at bedtime', a sleep timer is on-hand to assist - or you can take a 'siesta' for anything from five minutes up to 90 minutes by tapping a separate button - handy for forty winks during the day.

The S6 even has backlit buttons that can be turned off if you so wish.

Soundwise, the Rise produces an impressive 2 Watts of audio power from its 2.5 inch speaker driver.

You can also charge your smartphone via the Siesta Rise S and S6's built-in USB ports. DAB, DAB+ and FM stations are to hand.

Pure have focussed on simplicity with the Siesta Rise S and S6 - individual snooze, sleep and alarm buttons make accessing functions much easier than some models of DAB alarm clock, and the inclusion of a headphone socket give the radio an edge over other cheaper models from other manufacturers that omit this functionality. Changing stations is a wee bit fiddly without direct access-presets, but if you're a one-station listener, this won't bother you.

The Siesta Rise S and Siesta S6 are available now.

Check the left-hand column to find out where to get one, for around £100 for the Pure Siesta Rise S and £130 for the Pure Siesta S6.

Pure Siesta S6 DAB alarm clock radio
Pure Siesta Rise S in mint colour

Pure Siesta S6 and Siesta Rise S bedside table

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