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You can get the Pure Siesta Rise from John Lewis at around £80 or from Amazon.

Rise to the occasion with Pure's Autumn 2015 alarm clock DAB

Pure's latest alarm clock radio with DAB and FM is future-proofed with DAB+ straight out of the box, giving it a welcome 'digital tick'. It's a smart-looking radio, taking design cues from the Pure Pop Maxi, with its distinctive white and tinted display colour banding.

There's a headphone socket with stereo output to let you sample stations without disturbing others and a prominent snooze button on top, allowing you to momentarily silence the alarm while you slumber. Speaking of alarms, there are three independent alarms each with once, daily, weekday and weekend settings - handy if you get up at different times depending on the time of week - and all on an individual button, making setting and changes a cinch. If you want to fall asleep to 'book at bedtime', a sleep timer is on-hand to assist.

Soundwise, the Rise produces an impressive 2 Watts of audio power from its 2.5 inch speaker driver, while the display is auto-dimming, so you won't have to put up with a bright blue glow across the room when the lights go out.

You can also charge your smartphone via the Siesta Rise's built-in USB port. DAB and FM stations are to hand and the little box of tricks measures in at 141.4 mm wide x 137 mm deep x 63 mm high.

Pure have concentrated on simplicity with the Siesta Rise - individual snooze, sleep and alarm buttons make accessing functions much easier than some models of DAB alarm clock, and the inclusion of a headphone socket give the radio an edge over others.

The Siesta Rise is available alongside its older sibling (and kinder on the pocket), the Pure Siesta Mi Series 2.

Check the left-hand column to find out where to get one, for around £80 for the Pure Siesta Rise.

Pure Siesta Rise DAB alarm clock radio
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