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Saturday, 21st August 2010
Pure Siesta Mi wakes you up without an alarming price tag

Pure have reinvented the Pure Siesta, to offer their cheapest DAB alarm clock radio to date, the Pure Siesta Mi - a DAB and FM compact bedside alarm clock radio.

The dual-alarm Pure Siesta Mi, just 15 centimetres wide, features snooze and sleep timers and OLED display with time and day shown. Its highstreet price is going to be GBP39.99, but likely to be much less online.

Pure have crammed in signal strength, alarm on/off notification, waveband selection and volume meter icons above the main time display, which has adjustable brightness levels.

The Siesta Mi can port upgrades (such as a DAB+ compatibility upgrade for UK users, if DAB+ broadcasts were to start in the UK) via a PC or Mac through its USB socket.

Pure Siesta Mi is available now, in a black finish, at GBP39.99. The Mi is part of a small but growing range of DAB digital radios from Pure, with the emphasis on affordable quality. The Pure ONE Mi was recently announced and is now available.
Pure Siesta Mi DAB/FM alarm clock radio
Pure Siesta Mi DAB/FM alarm clock radio


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