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The Siesta Mi 2 is a budget DAB alarm clock radio offering twin alarm settings and simple styling.

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Twin alarms, a budget price, small footprint and Pure reliability - what's not to like?

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You can find it online at Amazon in black or white, buy via John Lewis (with free additional guarantee) in white or black or Co-op Electrical in white.

It's the middle of the workday! Need a Siesta? Mi 2!

Want something to wake you and your other half up in the morning or after a Sunday lunchtime nap? The Pure Siesta Mi Series II sports two alarms and a display that dims automatically to suit light levels in your bedroom.

Faturing revised Pure branding the Siesta Mi 2, successor to 2010's Mi (you can find out more info here), now wakes you up more gently. It features a rising volume function, so you needn't jump out of bed with fright at the sound of the alarm.

The rising radio volume can be set to a maximum level before you go to bed, and you've a choice of FM or DAB radio - or a tone - to wake you.

The display is now easier to read from a wider angle, without having to sit head-on to check the time. There are, as with the original version , snooze and sleep timers, but the Siesta Mi Series 2 now lowers the volume slowly to zero as the sleep timer operates.
Pure Siesta Mi DAB alarm clock radio in white

The two alarms can be set independently to combinations of daily, weekday, weekend and can easily be turned on and off (perhaps you need to get up on time only once a year?). Each alarm gets a separate button for simplicity.

The alarm clock is still a dinky 15 centimetres wide, taking up exactly the same footprint on your bedside table as the original.

Pure have updated the display and the new version uses the letters "DR" to denote DAB instead of the word "DIGITAL", (allowing the words "AUX" and "IPOD" to creep in, though note this alarm clock model doesn't have a dock). This allows the same screen to be used in other radios with these functions. A signal strength, alarm on/off notification, waveband selection and volume meter icons are set above the main time display.

The alarm clock can port upgrades via a PC or Mac through its mini USB socket.

Pure Siesta Mi Series 2 is available shortly in a black finish, at £34.99. See the left-hand column above for where to get your hands on one.
Pure Siesta Mi Series 2 DAB alarm clock radio in black

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