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Monday, 21st September 2009
Integrated DAB, wi-fi, Twitter and Facebook? It makes Pure Sensia

DAB and wi-fi radio is now available in technicolour, thanks to the boffins at Pure, who have squeezed digital radio, internet radio and social networking into their latest tabletop music system.

Like the Revo Ikon, Pure Sensia is the latest DAB/wifi integrated radio to offer a full colour touchscreen, which makes using the radio a cinch.

The Pure Sensia lets you quickly flick through available stations, and lets you search internet radio by genre, location and directly, using its pop-up on-screen keyboard. There's support for the BBC's Listen Again feature and the radio connects to Pure's online portal The Lounge to allow you to add any number of stations as favourites, to easily find them again. Pure's relaxing sounds libarary is also available to play through the Sensia. FM radio hasn't been left out, either - there's a "virtual tuning bar" on-screen, enabling you to quickly locate the frequency you need. FM RDS station naming and scrolling RadioText has also been included. There are 30 DAB, 10 FM and unlimited internet favourites through The Lounge.
Pure Sensia - accessing stations via The Lounge portal

Sensia can also play podcasts and stream music from a PC.
Pure Sensia media streaming

As well as Pure's mini applications that connect to Facebook, Twitter and Google's Picasa, there are weather checks and news services, and image slideshows from stations like Absolute Radio and 95.8 Capital FM. More Apps are planned by Pure.
Pure Sensia showing the weather application

The Pure Sensia is fully upgradedable to DAB+, so you'll be able to take it to Australia (and other countries that use the DAB+ standard) and listen to DAB broadcasts.

Available in red, yellow, black and white finishes, the Pure Sensia is designed to sit on a mantlepiece, table or cupboard top. If, however, you prefer the Sensia as a bedside clock, there's an alarm (when connected to mains power), countdown timer and sleep timer. It sports a large easy-to-read 5.7 inch 640x480 TFT colour touchscreen display, while 'round the back there's a headphone socket, line-level input for connection of an mp3 player and D-type USB mini connector for product upgrades. The Pure Sensia also has a handy remote control, which uses RF technology, meaning you don't have to point the remote at the unit for it to work.
Pure Sensia - selecting an FM radio station

Power output is rated at 2 x 15 Watts RMS.

The Sensia takes an E1 ChargePak rechargeable battery for music on the move. The Sensia supports 802.11b and 802.11g connections with WEP and WPA/WPA2 encryption.
Pure Sensia station selection

Pure Sensia is available to pre-order now for shipping from mid-November and in time for Christmas at around GBP 250. Find out where to buy the Pure Sensia online.
Screenshots from the Pure Sensia


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