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Tuesday, 22nd November 2011
Pure Contour 100Di DAB & FM integrated music player and dock

One of the drawbacks of internet radio is a lack of dedicated receivers with decent-sized displays, which limits the amount of information shown at any one time while you search and discover new stations.

With this in mind, Pure have devised a brand new app giving access to internet radio for Apple iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone owners, which logically uses the colour screen and touchscreen technology of the device to select and stream stations.

When the app is paired with Pure's new Contour 100Di dock, listeners now have a seamless way to access DAB, FM, internet radio and Pure's new subscription-based streaming music service (At a fiver a month, from December). You can also listen to tunes stored on your Apple device through the 100Di, of course.

The curvaceous Contour 100Di dock is ideal for a bedroom, kitchen or study. Featuring a port on the rear for improved bass response, the unit produces 2 x 10 Watts output - enough to fill a small to mediumsize room.

The rotating dock appears from the case, while the comprehensive remote control sticks to the back of the unit thanks to clever magnetic trickery. Access to internet radio stations is provided by Pure's new Lounge app, specially designed for Apple devices. Rather than controls on the dock, internet radio stations are selected on the Apple device's touchscreen.

Alarm clock features include two separate alarms with weekday and weekend settings, an autodimming display to help your slumber in a darkened bedroom, sleep and snooze timers. A headphone socket aids late-night listening habits and you can wake to any source (DAB, FM, internet radio - you get the picture).

The semicircular design measures in at 308mm wide x 174mm high x 145mm deep.

There are scant few buttons to clutter up the Contour 100Di's fascia; limited to just six buttons on top of the dock - volume up/down, power, access to favourites, source and mute. Just don't forget to tidy away the remote on the back of the unit!

Those without a Apple device needn't feel left out - the original Contour is still available, with internet radio out-of-the-box.

The Pure Contour 100Di is available now from Amazon or from John Lewis with a 2 year guarantee.Pure Contour 100Di DAB/FM dock
Pure Contour 100Di DAB/FM dock with internet radio app for Apple iPod Touch, iPhone & iPad models


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