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You can buy the Pure Move 2520 online at Amazon or from John Lewis or from Hughes.

If you'd prefer to reserve and collect in-store, without waiting in for delivery at home, search for Pure Move item #606/6189 at Argos online.

Pure Move 2520 front view
Pure Move 2520 top of the class; lets you enjoy your digital radio programmes out and about

Pure's current DAB handheld is impressively finished in a brushed aluminium casework, with a very readable black-on-orange backlit display and comes with in-ear, noise-isolating headphones, to help you block out sounds around you while listening on public transport.

Making the most of its digital amplification, if you want to adjust the sound from the Move 2520, there is separate bass and treble adjustment. Its display backlight can be adjusted to turn off after 7 seconds, or you can keep it on or off permanently, the latter to save battery power.

Measuring in at 5.6 cm wide x 10.2 cm tall and just 1.5cm deep, the 2520 is very pocketable, fitting easily into a jacket pocket.

The '2520 is ready to receive DAB and DAB+ digital radio stations, such as BBC Radio 6 music, Radio 4 Extra and Absolute 80s, alongside DAB+ brands Magic Chilled, Jazz FM, Fun Kids and Union Jack, the majority of which launched in March 2016, with Union Jack following in September 2016.

A big draw of the '2520 is its three year warranty, which is standard on all Pure DAB digital radio receivers purchased since 2015. For peace-of-mind that your DAB radio will be replaced if it goes wrong, no other manufacturer comes close.

As with most Pure radios, the Move 2520 offers great reception of digital radio services, with the headphone aerial extended (i.e. the headphone cable left loose, not jumbled up). Its built-in rechargeable battery lasts around ten to twelve hours at normal listening volumes before you have to charge it again (using the supplied DC charger and the radio's micro USB socket). Pure recommend charging the 2520 for around 3 hours when you first get it out of the box.

The station list can be scrolled through at speed by a rotary control on the front of the unit, which offers a slight click as you gently thumb the wheel. Presses on the wheel in four directions allow you to access the station list, or up to 10 DAB and 10 FM favourite stations stored in its memory, adjust menu options, and turn the radio off. A central button confirms selections. If you want to use the 2520 while you nod off, there's an adjustable sleep timer to save you using up all the radio's juice. There's a hold key on the top of the Move 2520 to stop errant keypresses or jogs of the wheel having an effect.

In normal use, the rotary control adjusts the volume.

Just to confirm its futureproofness, the 2520 offers DAB/DAB+/DMB-R (Band III and L-Band) and FM (RDS) reception. RDS allows you to see the name of the FM station you're tuned to. DAB and DAB+ compatibility means you can use the radio here and abroad, for example, in Australia, where all stations use the DAB+ standard to broadcast.

Pure Move 2500 and Move 2520 - what's the difference?

There aren't any major differences between the 2500 and 2520, but the 2520 gives Pure a chance to update the branding and some components, now that it's a separate company from the DAB chip supplier Imagination Technologies.

The Pure Move 2520 is the best DAB handheld radio you can buy. Sensitive enough to pick up all the stations you'd expect, with a fantastic build-quality to boot, it tops the chart of pocket and handheld radios, and is available for around £ 80.

Check out the left-hand column at the top of this page for pricing information and where to buy online. Need a manual? Check out Pure's manual for the 2520.

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4. VQ Blighty DAB/DAB+ handheld (see foot of target page)
5. Roberts SportsDAB 5 DAB/DAB+ personal radio
Pure Move 2520 packshot

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