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You can get the Highway 400 and 600 models from Halfords. Amazon stock some Pure DAB and DAB+ head units. Scroll down the page for some ideas for standard DIN head units, alternative in-car DAB convertors and adaptors to get DAB in your car through your existing car stereo.

Pure Highway 400 and 600 add DAB to your cab

Both the Highway 400 and 600 work using a cable connnection and an FM transmitter to feed your favourite DAB and DAB+ radio stations to an existing in-car stereo. Its Bluetooth (A2DP) capabilities mean you can stream music from your Smartphone via the Highway to your car stereo.

Combining a neat aerial antenna that is fixed to the windscreen and a receiver that deals with grabbing stations from the airwaves and is connected by a slim cable down the edge of the windscreen and back to the cigarette lighter, the 400 and 600 main control units runs on just two AAA batteries and sits on a dashmount, while the small receiver box can be tucked away by the passenger side sun visor.

The 600 includes a microphone for handsfree Smartphone operation and taking calls, which clips to the driver's sun visor.
Pure Highway 600 main control unit
Pure Highway 600 main control unit with DAB, DAB+, Bluetooth capability and handsfree 'phone operation with mic

The main difference between the 400 - at £129.99 - and 600 - an extra £20 - is the handsfree calling capabilities of the 600 when paired with your smartphone. The 600 can also be voice controlled by your phone's digital assistant - Siri or OK Google.

Your Spotify music can be accessed by the 400 and 600 via Bluetooth from your 'phone, provided you have a premium subscription to the service.

The main control unit can be unclipped from the dash mount, allowing you to take it with you when you park up.

A companion app lets you tag artist and title information while you're in the car, letting you search out unfamiliar songs and artists when you arrive home. The first twelve months is free, but you must topup the service if you want to continue tagging songs.
Pure Highway 600 in the car
Pure Highway 600 main control unit shown mounted on the dash

If you don't have a 3.5mm audio socket on the front of your existing car stereo, the Highway's built-in mini FM transmitter seeks out unused frequencies in your area, which it borrows to broadcast the DAB and DAB+ stations to your car stereo's FM tuner. Simply tune in to the spare frequency that the Highway is using on your existing car stereo and you're away.

As the unit picks up both DAB and DAB+ broadcasts, it earns itself a 'digital tick' and is futureproofed to receive all current and future DAB radio stations in the UK. Listening to DAB and DAB+ stations is itself free, with no further subscription or fees to pay if all you want to do is have DAB in your car.
Pure Highway 400 photo
Pure Highway 400 with DAB, DAB+ and Bluetooth capability

The Highway is available now from Halfords, complete with a comprehensive three year warranty. There are other in-car DAB adpators that perform similar functions, using a direct audio cable connection or a built-in mini FM transmitter to broadcast DAB and DAB+ stations to your FM-equipped car stereo.

Pure also manufacture a DAB and DAB+ standard DIN headunit, which can be purchased online at around £100.
Pure DAB in-car head unit
Pure DAB and DAB+ in-car stereo DIN head unit

There's also the AutoDAB in-car DAB adaptor, which uses a mini FM transmitter or 3.5mm audio cable connection to your existing stereo. It can be purchased online at around £90-100.
AutoDAB in-car DAB and DAB+ convertor
AutoDAB DAB and DAB+ compatible in-car stereo DAB adaptor

Check out the PAMA PNG1220 in-car DAB adaptor, which again uses a mini FM transmitter or 3.5mm audio cable connection to your existing stereo. It can be purchased online at around £70-90.
PAMA PNG1220 DAB in-car adapter converter
PAMA DAB and DAB+ compatible in-car stereo DAB receiver

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