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You can buy the Evoke H2 online in a Walnut or Oak finish from Amazon for around £100

Pure Evoke H2 review - punchy, not tinny sound from impressive DAB+ radio

The Pure Evoke H2 steals the show with a lively, involving, punchy sound on BBC Radio 6 music on DAB. Switch over to Jeremy Vine on BBC Radio 2 and speech radio is clear and authoritative, without being muffled or indistinct, tinny or wearing. Whether you've put a station on for company or have tuned in specifically to hear a favourite show, the Evoke H2 won't disappoint.

An ideal futureproofed radio, the H2 includes DAB, DAB+ and FM tuners, alongside a kitchen timer, sleep timer, single alarm (which can be set to wake you to a radio station of your choice, or a tone) and a handy snooze timer.
Pure Evoke H2 review - a great DAB radio with lots of handy features
Pure Evoke H2 with DAB, DAB+ and FM in walnut finish - keeping it simple

We're not overly impressed by the 'starburst'-style display that shows the station name and scrolling text - the lettering's a wee bit narrow and cramped, with only enough space for eight scrolling letters on the screen at any time, but the time display is at least crystal clear and - more importantly - can be dimmed, with 5 level settings accessed through the menu. There are separate display settings for when the radio is in standby (as a bedside clock radio, with the time showing) or active mode (when you're listening to a station). In addition, the backlight can also be independently set to permanently off, or to time-out after 7 seconds, for example.

While there's no Bluetooth audio, there is however a 3.5mm aux-in socket around the back which accepts 3.5mm audio cable connections from a smartphone or MP3 player. The headphone socket is also located on the back panel.

The Pure Evoke H2 comes with a 3 year warranty, meaning if the radio should develop a fault during the warranty period, it will either be replaced (in the first six months) or repaired or replaced with the exact same model, if still available, or one of equal or higher value and functionality.

In all, the Pure Evoke H2 offers an impressive 1.6 Watts (max.) sound output from a unit measuring 115 mm wide x 180 mm high x 120 mm deep. It's loud enough to be heard over a washing machine or dishwasher, whilst appealing as a bedside radio with dimming functions to ensure its display doesn't keep you awake. It's available now for around £100.

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