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Where to buy

John Lewis have the special edition Rob Ryan in blue & white and the original oak and walnut finishes for around £20 less.
Amazon stock the special edition in red and white and also have the blue and white version.
You can get the Evoke D2 in a Walnut [no Bluetooth] cabinet from Amazon at under £90. They also have it in an oak finish [without the Bluetooth], glacier white [with Bluetooth], domino black [with Bluetooth] and as the Evoke Mio in red.

Co-op Electrical stock the walnut and oak D2s.

Pure takes papercut styling to Evoke D2 DAB/FM portable

You may not be familiar with Rob Ryan, an artist specilalises in paper cutting and screen printing. Pure's intorduction to this great, British homegrown talent starts here, with the Pure Evoke D2 Rob Ryan.

Created especially for Pure's compact Evoke D2 radio - an award winning design in itself - Rob's poetic script adorns the sides of the radio, letting you follow a musical journey as you tune in to your favourite stations on DAB and FM.

Technologically-speaking, the Evoke D2 offers four buttons around its white-on-black display screen, giving direct access to up to four of your favourite stations.

A real timber casing sits under the unique design, housing a high-quality full-range 3 inch speaker with digital amplification. A further 16 presets are accessible through the menu, with kitchen and sleep timers, a single alarm (you can wake to a tone or the radio), stereo headphone socket and 3.5mm socket for connnecting your iPod or MP3 player all part of the deal.

The radio also incorporates Bluetooth, so you can wirelessly connect to your smartphone and let the D2 play your favourite internet radio station or music stored on your 'phones micro SD card through the radio.

For maximum portability, an optional Pure ChargePAK B1 rechargeable battery pack fits into the Evoke D2 for portable listening. On the back, there's also a port for improving bass response and a telescopic aerial.

The radio measures in at 115mm wide x 180mm high x 120mm deep and turns up 1.6 Watts of audio power. The UK version picks up all DAB digital radio broadcasts in this country.

This special edition Pure Evoke Evoke D2 is available now at £110 - check the left-hand column to find out where to get one.
Special Edition Pure Evoke D2 front view by Rob Ryan
Special Edition Pure Evoke D2 rear view by Rob Ryan

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