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Sunday, 11th June 2006
Philips AJ5100/05 desktop DAB radio offers style and substance

Philips' smart, new AJ5100/05 encompasses a DAB digital tuner in a sleek, modern-looking desktop unit. Five access keys are on hand for accessing favourite stations and a glowing white-on blue display carries DAB station information and scrolling text. A four-way rocker switch controls station selection and volume.

Hidden behind the Philips AJ5100/05's speaker panel are twin drivers and set-up is simple as the radio will autotune in a matter of seconds. The carrying handle is integrated into the minimalist design, and a telescopic aerial pulls in DAB stations. The Philips AJ5100 radio is shipping now, at around GBP 79.99, including postage.
Philips aj5100 DAB desktop radio
Philips aj 5100 dab radio
Philips AJ5100/05 desktop DAB radio

To receive DAB digital radio stations in the UK, you need a DAB digital radio - a type of radio that can receive digital radio broadcasts. For more information, read our guide to DAB digital radio and discover more about radios available to buy.

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