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Tivoli radio photos and opinion from The Bristol Show 2013


Great sound and lovely colours from this DAB family.

Our rating

four stars out of five

There's no doubting these are great radios, with a premium for their distinctive design.

Where to buy

You can buy the PAL+ in red & white from Amazon. They also have it in black, blue and in the Special Edition Union Jack colours.

You can also find the 10+ at Amazon in chestnut brown or red.

Tivoli's bright colours dabble in DAB

After a short hiatus, Tivoli are back at the Bristol Show with their entire range of high quality radios. So compact are they, the range handily fits on one tall shelving unit, but what really grabs you is the styling and colours.

The PAL+ version of the range picks up DAB and FM broadcasts in a neat form-factor. With its mono speaker and stereo headphone jack, the PAL+ is also splashproof, so it'll survive a few minutes in the British outdoors and will cope with bathoom condensation without problem.

Little rubber covers keep damp out of the 3.5mm headphone and input sockets. Its built-in rechargable battery has a five year liefspan and a cover can be unscrewed to swap in a new one. Another rubber cover closes the DC input for taking the PAL+ out and about. There's enough juice to keep the radio alive for about 3 and a half hours away from mains power - enough for a small stint in the garden.
Tivoli PAL+ union jack version

Handily, there are five preset buttons below the bright display - which saves going through the menu. The knobbly clicky dial on top of the unit acts as a snooze button as well as turning the radio on or off and for volume adjustment; it's where you'll access menu options. too.

The bright colours and size make the radio very tactile and portable, yet its solid enough and weighty not to slide about on the worktop. There's a sturdy telescopic aerial and rubber feet, adding to the feel of a product that's well built.

The radio packs a punch with its warmth on spoken word broadcasts and pacy presentation on Gold and 6 Music. Sound quality on Radio 4 is authoritative and more than loud enough to be heard over the dishwasher in the kitchen.

There's not much change from £250, but if you absolutely must have a Tivoli, that's not going to stop you! Have a look to the left to see where to get hold of being held
rear of the radio

The Model 10+ hides preset buttons on the rear of the unit, where there are plenty of connections such as a headphone socket, audio in and split audio inputs, plus subwoofer and additional speaker connections. In short, this DAB-enabled radio offers simple, uncluttered looks.

The sharp lines of the 10+'s timber cabinet contrast with the tough plastic of the PAL+. Unfortunately, in keeping the front bereft of buttons, you have to fiddle around at the back of the radio to access presets - luckily the dial on top of the radio lets you scroll through channels. too.

The mirror finish around the display is lovely and the sound, from the ported enclosure, is very good from both music and talk stations. If you're looking for a Tivoli-branded radio in a simple design, the £279 10+ is worth checking out.

There are a handful of Limited Edition 10+ still available at time of going to press; £50 of the purchase price goes to the BBC Children in Need charity - a worthy cause, indeed.
Tivoli Model 10+
rear panel of the radio

Finally, the Model PAL BT sports Bluetooth connectivity. This lets you play music from your smartphone or tablet through the PAL.

An FM/AM radio, the PAL BT features the company's trademark geared tuning wheel, letting you accurately tune the radio to even the weakest signal. Warmth and clarity - and a decent volume - are all reasons to like the PAL BT. With BBC engineers favouring the original PAL model, the addition of Bluetooth audio adds a further reason to invest in one.Tivoli PAL BT radio
Rear of model PAL BTTivoli Model 10+ Children in Need Limited Edition
Model iPal and PAL
Tivoli Model One in green
Tivoli PAL+ button